UAB provides decommissioning services for oil filled electrical equipment that test 0 – 49 ppm/mg for PCB’s, our processing center is located in Indianapolis Indiana on 5 acres and housed in a 15,000 square feet building.

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Manage Disposal

UAB provides management services for oil filled electrical equipment that test 50 – 500 ppm/mg for PCB’s, though our partner we are able to dispose of this waste according to the EPA regulation.

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Oil Filled Electrical Equipment

  • Transformers
  • Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Air Circuit Breaker
  • Bushings
  • High Pressure Fluid Fill Cable Removable
  • And all related equipment

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Utility Asset Buyers, LLC (UAB), UAB is a small, majority minority owned business that provides sample solutions to complex problems. UAB was formed to provide Asset Recovery Service to the Electrical Power Industry. The owner has over 30 plus years of experience serving the Power Industry. Experience includes power plant construction and deconstruction, substation decommissioning, transformer decommissioning, asset recovery, and scrap metal processing and management.